iMurders 2008

Director: Robbie Bryan

Writers: Robbie Bryan and Ken Del Vecchio

Starring Gabrielle Anwar, William Forsythe, Tony Todd, Frank Grillo, Terri Colombino, Wilson Jermaine Hereida, Charles Durning, Billy Dee Williams, Margaret Colin, Justin Deas, Joanne Baron, Brooke Lewis, Miranda Kwok and Christie Botelho


    There are so many different slasher movies that come down the pipeline, so it is very hard to come up with a original and fresh take on the genre.  There have been a few different takes on the internet as a modus operandi for a slasher film, the most obvious being Feardotcom, and also the most forgettable.  iMurders is the latest in this subgenre and by far the most well executed and the most memorable.  It uses the plot device of a internet chat room as the locale of the murders and works this scene very well.  IT also combines the slasher with a police procedural very well.  Another thing that works well for the film is the great genre cast it entails.  With great genre stalwarts like Forsythe and Todd it guarantees that horror fans will definitely check the film out and hopefully word of mouth will ensure that the film will get the most encompassing audience it deserves.  Also, unlike most recent slasher films, it throws you many curve balls on who the killer is until the final reveal at the end.  It is very rare that I am surprised by who the killer is, but this film succeeds and it really deserves accolades for succeeding with that.

    The plot basics are this, Sandra (Colombino) has just moved into town for her job as a party planner and has just moved into a new apartment.  She along with a group of other people are involved with a chat room mystery game.  It always varies from month to month and this month it involves a murder mystery, but unbeknownst to the players the mystery is real.  It seems as if the players are being picked off one by one.  Sandra soon becomes romantically involved with one of her neighbors in her new apartment building, Joe Romano (Grillo), who is an ex cop who’s past is mysterious and he does not divulge.  Soon, 2 FBI agents (Todd and Lewis) begin to investigate and it seems as if Sandra may be the culprit behind the chat room killings.  This causes Joe to investigate and it seems as if he is being led down a path that he may not like what he discovers.  How it will end will be a surprise to Joe and my end badly for everyone else.

    This is a good film.  The direction by Bryan is very good.  He hides the identity of the killer effortlessly, so the viewer really never has a idea of who it may be.  There are many red herrings sprinkled throughout the film, and it always keeps you guessing.  He also sets the stages for the murders well and they are shot expertly.  The script is great too.  It balances a huge cast of characters, but they all get their fairs hare of screen time and all seem to be fully realized.  From Billy Dee Williams shady lawyer to William Forsythe’s sleazy and opportunistic college professor.  The cast is excellent, they all work well off of each other.  IT is interesting how you see one person as the lead and it just jumps to another actor with the next scene, so as you become more drawn into the film the viewer has no idea who to really root for.  Forsythe and Williams are the shining stars of performances in the film though.   Forsythe is very sleazy and perverted and is a delight to watch.  While Williams at first seems like a genuine good lawyer, but as the plot twists you see how his character really is.  The SFX and effects in the film are great too and very bloody.  My personal favorite is when the stay at home mom is killed, that was brutal and unnecessary, but still fun nonetheless.  This is a definite breath of fresh air in the slasher genre and well worth seeking out.

This one gets 4 out of 5

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